Pack Shots: simple pricing and consistant quality

We can photograph your entire product range or a single item. We can maintain quality and consistency and regularly photograph entire product lines for use in website and promotional materials. We have a simple pricing policy with clear quantity discounts points to make budgeting simple.


Product Photography: Creation of complex groups and unique situations

We can create stunning product based images that highlight how products are used or with a strong advertising message. 


product photography

Deep etching and digital masking: Background removal and replacement

We can accurately digitally mask or deep etch your images. Either images that you already have or shots that we take for you can be removed from there backgrounds and supplied as a layered image, on white or black or on a different background.



product photography

Digital retouching.  Digital Photo Composition, Digital Photo Enhancement, Digital Effects and color manipulation.

We can retouch you images to alter, change, straighten or remove labels or update packaging. We can also duplicate products to make groups and a whole lot more. If you have images that need updating or products that will alter slightly from the initial samples to production run, this needn’t be a problem.


product photography

Web Shop or on-line shop: Small, clean & clear web images for online web shops 

Web ready images on a plain white or black background, retouched to show you products in a clean simple way, ideal for web shops that need small but clear images. Add a logo or banner for extra brand awareness.

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